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Control cabinet adopts imported from Europe

Advanced control technology

In the business field, efficiency comes first. In order to fully optimize the service efficiency of the business elevator, Ensman adopts the full computer intelligent control system to realize intelligent management such as multi microcomputer, modular and network control, so as to give real-time feedback on the operation of the elevator and provide the most efficient golden collar service for passengers.

microcomputer control system 

The dual 32-bit microcomputer control board, combined with vector closed-loop control technology, ring communication system and unique graphics generator, makes the elevator dynamic response faster and more reliable.

Microcomputer group control management system

Rush hour operation mode:

Meet the operation requirements of office buildings and other public places during commuting hours.

Uniform operation mode:

The principle of minimum waiting time allocation is adopted, and the elevator response is reasonable and fast.

Idle operation mode:

When idle, elevators are evenly distributed in the designated area to wait for elevators to ensure fast and timely response to external calls.

Passenger Elevator

Energy-saving and environment-protection lt practices green environmental protection

In the era of low-carbon and environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction is not only an eternal theme, but also a kind of social responsibility. Take the concept of environmental protection as the company's persistent pursuit. We are committed to providing low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection products for the society through various solutions.

Energy feedback system

The mechanical energy on the moving load is transformed into regenerated clean electric energy through the energy feedback device and fed back to the AC power grid for use by other nearby electric equipment to achieve energy-saving effect.

Car automatic lighting system, low carbon and energy saving

The system can effectively avoid the waste of lighting power in the car when there is no one in the car. When there is no one in the car for more than the set time, it can automatically turn off the lighting in the car and turn it on again after receiving the call command, so as to save energy without affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

Save energy by 40%

No oil pollution, avoid maintenance trouble

Quiet, low noise, isolated interference

Quiet, low noise, isolated interference

Eliminate harmonic pollution and avoid signal interference

Passenger Elevator