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Elevator installation in old community

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Necessity of reporting regulations for installing elevators in old residential areas

In terms of laws and regulations, as the bill of installing elevators is becoming more and more mature, the living space of illegal buildings is becoming smaller and smaller. Failure to apply for construction means that the installation of elevators is an illegal building. In the process of construction, with the face of suspension fines and demolition, it may be demolished at any time after construction, and the investment of residents will be lost. However, if the formal elevator through the construction application process can also get corresponding subsidies when the government demolishes. From the perspective of property protection, it is necessary to install the elevator through the formal process.

From the perspective of safety, most of the elevators installed in the old community are illegally built, and there are great potential safety hazards in the design. Whether it is fire fighting or the impact on the original house structure, they do not meet the safety specifications. If the construction unit, in order to cater to the household head and reduce costs, wantonly constructs without supervision, without standards, drawings and qualifications, it will bury a huge potential safety hazard for future safe use.

The particularity of the elevator industry and the safety of the new shaft, the Planning Bureau, the housing and Urban Rural Development Commission, the fire control, urban management and Quality Supervision Bureau all have very specific supervision systems, and ordinary elevator enterprises can't operate at all. There is no trivial matter of safety. Residents and elevators must follow formal procedures. It is even more important to install elevators in the old community, so as to act in accordance with the law and take safe elevators.

Elevator installation in old community