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Maintenance Service

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Professional service, think what you think

One purpose of our existence - serving customers. We believe that the core of service is not the process, but the result. We want not only the sale of products, but also the satisfaction of customers. Ensman elevator is committed to improving the skills and literacy of staff, striving to implement the service efficiency and quality, so that customers can truly experience high-quality professional services. Ensman elevator's customers can enjoy high quality, high standard and professional high-quality services all over the country. 8760 hours of waiting throughout the year, just for your "I'm satisfied"!

Brand height, starting from here

Ensman elevator promotes after-sales service to another form of product quality, takes the needs of users as the service starting point, adheres to the world's good service management system and service standards, and promises all-weather repair, maintenance, agency annual review and other service items, so that you can feel the warmth and perfection of high-end service level!

Maintenance solution

Through the planned elevator maintenance service of "prevention first, pre inspection and pre repair", ensure the safe and efficient operation of the elevator and maintain and increase the value of customers' assets.

Repair / upgrade solution

Ensman elevator repair / upgrade solution is based on the existing configuration of the elevator, add auxiliary hardware or improve the system according to the needs of customers, improve the safety, reliability, operation efficiency and comfort of elevator equipment, and constantly meet the expectations of passengers.

Modernization and renewal solutions

Replace aging and obsolete systems with modern electrical control systems, while retaining valuable key mechanical components. It doesn't need the cost of the new elevator, nor does it affect the normal operation of the building, but it presents you with the value of a brand-new electricity sample.