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What are the difficulties in the maintenance of household villa elevator?

2021-11-25 08:19:01

1. Small quantity and scattered distribution. The use of household villa elevators is usually aimed at users who live in villas or have large private houses. The distribution of residential areas of these users is relatively loose. Maintenance personnel spend more time traveling to and from each customer's home for elevator maintenance. The actual maintenance time of a single person in one day is relatively small, which increases the difficulty of disguised maintenance.

Villa elevator

2. The technology is complex and difficult to master. Based on the personalized needs of customers and the technical differences of household villa elevator products, on the one hand, the enterprise is unwilling to share product information excessively, on the other hand, the maintenance personnel can not fully understand and master the product brand, model and relevant information, so that the maintenance personnel can not complete the work smoothly, and the product itself and its use safety can not be guaranteed.

3. The rescue time is very long, and no one at home affects the rescue. Once the elevator breaks down, the trapped people will call for help, and the rescue time is very important. However, due to the particularity of the living environment of household villa elevator users, the rescue time is long, which may affect the rescue effect and the mood of the trapped people; If there are no other family members in the villa or private residence, it is not easy for rescuers to enter the user's home to rescue the trapped people in the elevator car.

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