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The passenger elevator manufacturer teaches you how to choose the style of villa elevator?

2021-11-25 08:19:01

Villa elevator is a form of household elevator. For private elevators, the determination of their style mainly considers the hoistway environment and personal preferences. The shaft environment has been built. Personal preferences are more important in personal preferences because elevators were originally used by families. Secondly, consider the cost and difficulty.

Villa elevator

Villa elevators have many styles. Ensman elevator manufacturer introduces them from the following different aspects:

1. Configure according to hoistway conditions. Enclosed hoistway is generally equipped with closed car, and sightseeing hoistway is equipped with sightseeing car. Sightseeing car can be used for sightseeing on three sides or on site. It is recommended to install glass windows on doors.

2. Elevator cars have various shapes. Rectangle, circle and combination can be used. It is recommended to use automatic folding doors made of transparent materials.

3. Because there are many elevator parts in the villa, it is not easy to use fully transparent glass for family sightseeing elevator.

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