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What is the difference between household elevator and passenger elevator?

2021-11-25 08:19:01

What does the villa elevator look like? What is the difference between commercial elevator and ordinary elevator? Let's take a look with Ensman elevator manufacturer!

1. This should be compared from the matching degree of car decoration and home decoration

Firstly, the villa elevator car can be decorated with home decoration materials to make the indoor decoration consistent with the home decoration style. In addition, compared with commercial passenger elevators, household elevators are more in line with home style, more decorative and comfortable.

The car decoration of commercial passenger elevator is mainly stainless steel, which is difficult to match with the home style. Elevator car door and hall door are made of stainless steel, far away from home style. I'm afraid it's hard to embody personalized design.

Villa elevator

2. From the division of spatial structure

The mature passenger elevator gantry structure is adopted, the elevator shaft is arranged without machine room, the auxiliary guide rail is solid T75 national standard guide rail, and the host is placed on the top of the auxiliary guide rail, which is very flexible and meets the requirements of civil engineering. Therefore, the cost of civil engineering materials is also very low. As long as the height of the top floor is greater than 2600mm (steel belt structure), it can be installed without additional heightening of the roof; The pit only needs to be greater than 300mm.

The commercial passenger elevator adopts double-sided guide rail structure and requires full concrete shaft or concrete ring beam. It has high requirements for civil engineering, so it has high requirements for the cost of civil engineering materials. Since the height of the top floor needs to be between 3800-4500mm, if you want to install a commercial elevator at home, you must raise the roof. The foundation pit is generally 1300-1600mm, and most of them need waterproof treatment.

3. From the perspective of plane structure

The hoistway covers a small area. It only needs 1.2mx1 and can be installed in a space of about 3M. The lift car makes full use of the shaft and has a high utilization rate. With the same car size, the hoistway space occupied is about 40% smaller than that of commercial elevators.

The commercial passenger elevator shaft covers a large area and has low space utilization. It is not suitable for installation at home, let alone in a villa with an inch of land and an inch of gold.

4. Door opening mode

There are a variety of door opening methods for household elevators, which are more "90 degree right angle door opening" and "three side door opening" than ordinary commercial passenger elevators, which match almost all villa types.

The commercial passenger elevator can only enter and exit and pass through the door at the same time, and can not adapt to the changing villa types.

5. Humanized configuration and function

The reserved ard interface can be equipped with emergency leveling device. In addition, the whole series is equipped with full keyboard direct dial external telephone as standard. In an emergency, you can call anyone. Ensure safe use at home.

The standard configuration of commercial passenger elevator does not include ARD, so it will be trapped in the elevator in case of power failure. If you want to add an extra ARD, it will be very expensive. The three-party communication mode of commercial passenger elevator enables you to contact very limited people, which has little effect on villa owners. In case of emergency, maintenance personnel shall not enter private houses.

6. Energy saving

Single phase power supply, that is, ordinary household power supply, does not need to be equipped with industrial power supply. During operation, the total rated power is 1.2kW, of which the driving system is 1.1KW, which is equivalent to the power of 1.5p household air conditioner. It saves 60% power than commercial small passenger elevator. The power supply of commercial passenger elevator is 380V, three-phase power supply. If you want to use industrial electricity, private homes need to apply for additional electricity. Only the power of its driving system is about 3.0kw.

To sum up, it is precisely because there is such an essential difference between domestic elevator and commercial passenger elevator. According to the needs of private residential customers and with the full support of technical talents, we will continue to expand and improve the domestic elevator series, strengthen technology, strengthen quality management, increase decoration style, and create domestic villa elevator products that meet the actual needs of customers, so as to better serve customers.

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