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What is the difference between medical elevator and ordinary elevator?

2021-11-01 08:19:01

Hospitals are public places to save lives and help the wounded. The installed elevators always have stricter quality and safety requirements. In order to avoid the impact of vibration and vibration on patients, medical elevators need to ensure high stability on the basis of high speed. Ordinary elevators are different, so there are still some differences. Next, Ensman elevator manufacturer will explain in detail for you, hoping to be helpful to you.

Medical elevator

Medical elevators are not only used to transport passengers, but also have special and strict requirements for the functions of elevators. Medical elevator is a fixed lifting device serving the specified floor. It has an elevator car running between at least two rows of vertical or rigid guide rails with an inclination angle of less than 15 °. The car size and structural type are convenient for passengers to enter and exit.  

The medical elevator can put down the hospital bed, so the specification is medical elevator, also known as hospital bed elevator. Elevator specifications specially designed for hospitals and nursing homes. Different specifications of medical elevators can be designed according to different use requirements. Generally, for 1600kg load elevator, the area in the lift car is enough to place a hospital bed. Of course, the 1800kg load and the corresponding increase in car area will not violate the production specifications of the elevator. As a non-standard elevator, it also has such specifications.

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