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What problems should be considered in the installation of household elevator?

2021-11-01 08:17:46

The following points shall be considered for the installation of household elevator:

1. Safe

The essence of domestic elevator is still elevator, and its safety should be equal to that of special equipment. Special equipment shall comply with relevant design, manufacturing and installation standards, whether recommended or mandatory, to standardize elevator products in terms of design, manufacturing and installation and ensure safety. The safety mentioned here refers not only to the use safety directly concerned by users, but also to the safety of professional operators used to maintain the normal operation of equipment, which also increases the demand for civil space for elevator operation and the design difficulty and complexity of household elevators designed according to standards.

Household elevator

2. Maintenance free

Household elevators have the characteristics of privacy of private places and spaces. The maintenance free feature shall be considered as much as possible in the design to reduce the maintenance frequency and difficulty. The choice of elevator driving mode, guiding system and suspension system has a great impact on the maintenance free performance of elevator.

Traction drive mode, gearless permanent magnet traction machine, rolling guidance system and wire rope suspension mode can realize system level maintenance free characteristics.

3. Convenience

Convenience should become one of the main features of household elevator. It should include at least the following two items: convenient use and convenient rescue.

Since the users of household elevators are usually the elderly and minors, it is necessary to customize the use convenience design according to this feature: the door opening form of household elevators should adopt automatic doors as far as possible, and the door opening size and opening and closing speed should also be customized; Large buttons and mechanical buttons shall be considered on the lift car control panel as far as possible to ensure simple and direct operation; The call design of hall door needs to consider the possibility of children holding ladders by themselves, and formulate preventive settings to prevent children from misoperation.

In terms of rescue convenience, because most household elevators are installed in villas, the environment is private and the local population density is low, which hinders the rescue of trapped people caused by external factors (such as power failure) or internal factors (such as fault self-protection). Therefore, the convenient design of household elevator fault rescue is particularly important.

The use of domestic elevators will bring the following benefits:

1. Family life is more convenient

Human bones may become fragile in old age. The legs and feet of the elderly are not very sharp. They use up their energy every time they go up and down the stairs. If the stairs at home are too steep, there will be safety risks such as wrestling.

The household elevator solves the problem of inconvenient going up and down, especially for families with elderly and children, which makes the family travel more convenient. When the elevator is running, the start and stop are stable, and the operation of the lift car is hardly felt, so it can be delivered safely.

2. Easy to handle and classify

When the house is large, more items need to be collected and classified. The household elevator is convenient for families to carry goods and better tidy the room. At the same time, the household elevator can also help carry heavy objects such as furniture and household appliances, saving time and energy.

3. Safe and reliable

All elevators shall be strictly inspected by the special equipment inspection department before leaving the factory for use. Whether commercial elevator or household elevator, safety is the basic performance of elevator. In addition, unlike commercial elevators, household elevators generally have a lifting speed of 0.3-0.4m/s, operate stably and safely, and are maintained regularly to ensure safe use.

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