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Share a brief introduction to the cargo elevator

2021-11-02 08:17:46

The cargo elevator is mainly designed to transport goods and is usually accompanied. The truck is long and narrow. A vertical elevator driven by a motor is equipped with a box shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment serving a specific floor. It has a vehicle running between at least two vertical rigid guide rails.

Cargo elevator

Repair and maintenance of cargo elevator

1. The newly installed elevator shall be guaranteed by the elevator manufacturer (generally 1-2 years).

2. The daily maintenance of the elevator shall be carried out by a professional team (issued by the State Administration of quality supervision).

3. Maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment, elevator supervision and inspection rules, elevator maintenance rules (gb18775) and relevant national, industrial and local standards.

4. The maintenance of cargo elevator shall be carried out regularly and by designated personnel according to the plan. The maintenance is divided into semi monthly maintenance, monthly maintenance and annual maintenance. Various maintenance contents are different, but they must be done, recorded in detail and signed by both parties.

5. In case of failure of the cargo elevator, the maintenance unit shall arrive at the site within the specified time (the specific time is different, and Beijing stipulates to arrive within 30 minutes).

The elevator industry is a special industry. The state has detailed national standards for the design, manufacture, installation and use of elevators. The main components of the elevator include civil engineering, electromechanical, etc. The mechanical part includes guide rail, trolley, counterweight, steel wire rope and other mechanical parts. The electrical part is composed of main control board, frequency converter and traction machine. The command of the main control board controls the frequency converter, which drives the traction machine to drive the trolley. As the core component of elevator system, frequency converter is very important for the safe and reliable operation of elevator.

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