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What should be paid attention to when using the passenger elevator?

2021-11-01 08:17:46

1. Gap between steps and skirt of passenger elevator

According to relevant regulations, the horizontal gap between children's fingers on either side of the steps and pedals shall not be greater than 4mm, because the thick arm is 7 ~ 8mm thick. Because the ladder is stationary during handling, it is clamped into the gap, resulting in collision. This force makes children's fingers and even arms enter the gap. In addition, some children like to rest their feet on the apron when taking the escalator. If the toe, shoelace or trouser legs are involved in the gap, their feet will also be clamped, and there is a gap between the foot pedal and the end comb plate.

Passenger elevator

2. Children's fingers are unbalanced. Once lying on the escalator, it is easy to cause injury.

3. Handrail slot under escalator

At the entrance of the handrail slot, there are more than ten pieces of black tape. When the child reaches in, the tape is connected with the button under the escalator. After entering the rubber band, touch the connection button and the elevator will stop running immediately. The passenger elevator is equipped with automatic protection device, which can automatically stop using when encountering obstacles. But the resistance has a value. When it blocks, it will get there before the protection function responds.

4. Angle between handrail and building

The children were curious and underestimated the danger in front of them. When they climb up, it is easy to put their heads on the escalator and look down, resulting in an accident.

Tips on the use of passenger elevators:

In addition to the ground floor and the top floor, there are usually two escalator buttons on each floor in the middle of the passenger elevator. If you want to go down, press the escalator, The sign is usually "↓". If you want to go up, the sign is usually "↑". Be careful not to press two buttons at the same time, which will increase the waiting time of passengers in the elevator. Wait patiently for the elevator to call the elevator, and then select a good position. Do not block the elevator door so that passengers can evacuate in time, especially do not lean against the elevator landing door to avoid accidents when the landing door is opened.

When the elevator arrives, the landing door will open automatically. According to the order of "going down first and then going up", the person who goes down the ladder can get on the bus only after coming out. Enter the vehicle as soon as possible. The opening time of the elevator is generally 4-6 seconds. If there are many passengers, you can press and hold the call button or let the passengers in the car press and hold the door open button until all personnel enter the elevator.

Precautions for entering elevator car:

When passengers enter the car, if the passenger elevator door is opened, check whether the elevator is on the flat floor and whether the car is on the floor. Especially when the light is not clear at night, be more careful, otherwise you may cause injury and leave quickly. How to deal with the sudden power failure of the elevator? When the elevator stops suddenly due to an unexpected fault, the countermeasure for the safety of passengers in the car is to be vigilant at all times, ask for help and wait for rescue. Do not escape from the elevator safety window into the shaft, and do not forcibly lift the elevator. If the elevator starts suddenly, it will bring great danger.

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