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Share tips for using passenger elevators?

2021-11-01 08:17:46

Passenger elevator, elevator installation 1 Don't panic when you encounter problems

As for passenger elevator self rescue, most elevator accidents occur when getting on and off the elevator. "We must find out whether the elevator has stopped." Once the elevator falls, no posture can avoid damage. However, the above posture of the backrest close to the inner wall of the elevator may cause slight damage.

In fact, few passenger elevators fall down. Most of them only cause problems temporarily, "just like the computer crashes, it needs to be restarted". The elevator needs to descend to the bottom of the building, recover normally, and then rise from the beginning. Therefore, don't panic at this time to avoid unnecessary harm to yourself. Most elevator accidents are mainly caused by people's negligence. Usually, after receiving the call for help, the urban security company must arrive at the scene within half an hour and rescue within two hours, otherwise it must be investigated for responsibility. Therefore, it is very important to keep calm and wait for the help of professionals.

Passenger elevator

2. Take a positive protective attitude

Don't panic. First test the help phone, then press the button, and then test all methods for people outside the passenger elevator to ask for help. Secondly, when the passenger elevator falls, place the backrest close to the inner wall of the elevator. If there is a handrail, grab the handrail for better protection. However, if there is no handrail, you can lie on the ground and protect your head with your arms. This method is wrong to take off when the elevator lands. In addition, because the car itself has better protection, it is safer to stay in the car when the elevator has problems.

3. Press all floor buttons

Passenger elevator problems usually occur in new communities. Because of new house decoration, cargo loading, often use elevators, and even overload. Therefore, the loss of elevator is more serious in a short time. Do a good job in elevator installation and protection. When few people know how to solve the problem of passenger elevator, "all floors should be pressed tightly, and do not rush in and out of the carriage", so as to ensure that the passenger elevator is stable, the car door can be opened and escape safely.

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