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How to choose the elevator suitable for your home villa?

2022-02-14 21:09:12

With the continuous pursuit of people's quality of life and the continuous improvement of life demand, many consumers realize that the elevator of household villa is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. How to choose the elevator suitable for your home villa?

1、 Elevator drive system for household Villa

The elevator drive system of household micro elevator manufacturers is very similar to that of automobile engines. It is the core component of elevator, which directly determines the performance and quality of products. Hydraulic, traction and screw are the three driving modes of household villa elevator at present.

2、 Elevator shaft of household Villa

Each brand of household villa elevator will be divided into its own hoistway or no hoistway according to the model, and the price difference is not directly related; Similarly, the price difference between platform elevator and car elevator is not determined by this. For example, the elevator price of professional passenger elevator manufacturers will be much higher than that of traditional car elevator.

3、 Grade of household villa elevator

Like cars, household elevators can also be divided into high, medium and low grades. Different grades of elevators are mainly reflected in the differences in driving system, material, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, component durability, sense of quality and so on. In general, imported household villa elevators are superior to domestic elevators in all aspects. Home elevator customization

For ordinary consumers, when choosing villa elevators, we must consider the actual economic situation at home. If economic conditions permit, the owner can choose to import elevators. The decoration price of villa elevator includes equipment price, installation price, accessories price, transportation price, hoisting price and maintenance cost. If the owner chooses to import the elevator, the import tax will also be included in the price of the villa elevator. Household small elevator

The old community elevator company selects according to the material. The elevator with good quality shall be made of alloy materials. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it is also very safe to use. In view of this, it can be found that when choosing to buy an elevator, it depends on the basic use method, as long as you can get it. With the recognition of customers, elevators with better materials can sell better. Choose according to the price. The villa elevator with high cost performance has been selling well in the market. If you can recognize the basic materials and market prices, you can choose to use them better. After all, there are many types of elevators involved in the market. It can really bring many benefits and help solve the problem of difficulty in going up and down stairs.

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