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Do you know the reason why the prices of different household elevators vary greatly

2022-02-14 21:11:35

Now the prices of many household elevators in the market vary greatly, some tens of thousands, some hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. What is the reason for the large price difference of household elevator? Many friends don't know much about household elevators, and the price is not clear. However, the rise of villa houses makes household elevators more popular. Now, the Xiaobian of household micro elevator manufacturers will take you to see the reasons for the large price difference of household elevators.

Reason 1: brand premium.

Like other markets, the household elevator market also has its own well-known brands. The construction of these brands is also a huge effort and cost for enterprises, which is to make many consumers agree with their product quality from beginning to end.

Good brand reputation and service quality are the prerequisites for the survival and development of enterprises, so many brands attach great importance to their reputation and invest in brand construction for a long time. In the long run, they have established their own brand assets in the market.

Therefore, well-known brands will be promoted to well-known brands, and prices will rise. Of course, when you buy this brand product, it represents who you are and your trust in the brand, which will bring you a cost-effective experience and satisfaction.

Reason 2: model configuration.

Villa elevators are non-standard products with different models, sizes, configurations, models and specifications. The transmission mode will naturally be different, and the design, performance and comfort of raw materials and production technology will also be different. In addition, the traction, screw and hydraulic pressure of the elevator will also affect the price of the elevator.

Reason 3: country of origin.

Different countries import different elevators, the price of elevators produced by domestic manufacturers is also different, and the cost of imported products is high. The value-added tax and other costs of imported products add up to a higher price than domestic products.

Reason 4: other reasons.

1. The number of floors is high and the value of the house is high. The higher the number of high-rise buildings, the more the cost will gradually increase;

2. Whether there is shaft, lift car and deep foundation pit, especially steel structure, the quotation shall be clear;

3. Different elevator configurations, more elevator functions and different prices;

4. It's the transportation cost of the elevator. remote. The cost of installation labor will also increase the price;

5. Maintenance of elevator after use. Maintenance costs are also one of the reasons for the different prices.

Household elevators are generally more expensive. Now it is generally installed in villas or reading and writing rooms. The use of household elevators not only brings convenience to our life, but also avoids the danger of going up and down stairs. Families with elderly people have more installations.


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