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Medical Service Elevator

Medical Service Elevator

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  • Release time:2021-11-09 15:45:23
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Medical elevator is one of the supporting medical facilities specially provided for hospitals, modern medical centers, sanatoriums and health centers. It is not only used for transporting passengers, hospital bed stretchers and random rescue medical equipment, but also can be used for other purposes after slight modification. Medical elevator standard is a special elevator. Due to its special use environment, it has strict requirements for its function and performance. Adhering to the idea of caring and caring for passengers, Ensman creates a comfortable elevator space in the process of designing and manufacturing. Every detail is more humanized and considerate, providing a more comfortable ride experience.

Medical Elevator

Elegant 2000 medical elevator

The elevator specially designed for the hospital and the elevator designed for transporting hospital beds, stretchers and medical vehicles. The car has the characteristics of long and narrow, applies advanced microcomputer control technology, and has better operation efficiency, lowest energy consumption and the most safe and reliable quality.

Load: 1600kg

Speed: 1.0m/s; 1.5m/s; 1.75m/s

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