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Non machine room passenger elevator

Non machine room passenger elevator

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Ensman machine room free elevator products are familiar with the concept of environmental protection, saving energy and consumption, saving building area, improving design freedom, and can fully reflect the concept of green humanity. Compared with the gear elevator with the same load capacity, it saves 25% of electric energy and 10% of building area. Ensman elevator breaks through the requirement that the traditional elevator must be equipped with a machine room. The passenger elevator with no room provides unlimited possibilities for the limited space of modern buildings.

Without the computer room, your building space will be greatly increased

Cancel the machine room and place the whole elevator in the shaft, so that architects or developers can design more freely. The total area of elevator equipment can be saved by 25% and the space occupancy rate can be reduced by 40%. It not only improves the architectural beauty, but also saves the construction cost.

Inorganic Room Elevator

Inorganic Room Elevator

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