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Escalator Manufacturer

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The elevator is playing a more and more important role in our daily life

Occurrence of elevator accidents

Not just the elevator itself

It also has a lot to do with how we use it correctly

Here are some suggestions you need~

Walking elevator

There's one thing you should know about escalators

One、The emergency stop button can save lives

The emergency stop button is usually located below the escalator running light. If a passenger falls upstream of the escalator, the person closest to the "emergency stop button" can immediately press the button, and the escalator will stop slowly within 2 seconds. Other passengers should also keep calm and hold the handrail tightly. Subsequent passengers should not look around and help passengers in danger accurately and quickly.

Two、Elevator bite has nothing to do with weight


The moving parts of the escalator mainly include handrails and steps. These moving parts are more dangerous than fixed parts. It does not depend on weight. Even adults holding the tape can be taken down. Escalator accidents often happen to children because they are young, curious and playful. They can't take timely and accurate action in case of accidents.

Three、Stepping on the yellow warning line is easy to be "bitten"

A yellow line is drawn on the front and back of each step. Many people only know that the warning line is a kind of warning to avoid stepping on the wrong steps. In fact, the yellow painted part has a very key structure, called comb plate, which is responsible for the meshing of the upper and lower steps. As the name suggests, one side of the comb is convex and has grooves like teeth. The clearance between the teeth of the comb plate is clearly stipulated by the state, which is about 1.5 mm. When the comb board is intact, such a gap is very safe, but as the elevator is used for a long time, the comb board loses its teeth. Like the teeth in the mouth, the gap between the teeth becomes larger and it is easier to block food. When engaging up and down stairs, the gap between the two teeth increases, increasing the risk of being "bitten" by the elevator.

Four、The gap between apron and step is the most dangerous area

When the escalator is running, the fixed part where the steps move up or down to prevent people from falling out is called the apron. The state clearly stipulates that the sum of the gap between the left and right sides of the coaming and the ladder shall not exceed 7mm. When the escalator just leaves the factory, this gap meets the national standard.

However, the escalator will wear and deform after a certain time. At this time, the gap between the skirt and the step may become larger. If it is close to the edge, it is easy to rub the shoes against the apron. Under the action of friction, the shoes are likely to roll into the gap. The place where the steps contact the ground is also very dangerous. Children's soles may be stuck by cracks, injured or even broken toes.

Five、Safety blind spot of escalator

Professionals pointed out that the area marked "2" in the figure below is a safety blind area, and the areas marked "1" and "3" are safe. Remember, the second area is the most dangerous! The first and third can step on it, and the second must not step on it, because it is empty and easy to roll in. Be careful when taking the elevator.

Six、Escalators like to bite these shoes


A survey shows that children wearing sponge shoes often bite on escalators. Dongdong shoes are made of polyethylene resin, with soft texture and good skid resistance. They are easily trapped in moving escalators and other transmission equipment. When an accident occurs, it is usually difficult for weak children to take off their shoes.

lace shoe

Shoelaces often slip out of the cracks in the elevator, causing part of the shoe to be pulled in and trip your toes. Parents who wear lace up shoes should make sure that they and their children's shoelaces are tied before taking the escalator. In case of being caught, be sure to call for help. Please press the "stop" button at both ends as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Wear barefoot shoes

Children lack flexibility, coordination and visual accuracy, and open toed shoes greatly increase the risk of foot injury. When taking the elevator, you may encounter elevator toe fracture due to improper timing. Therefore, when parents buy sandals for their children, they choose a style that covers their feet.

Precautions when taking escalator

1. When taking the escalator, hold the handrail and stand firmly on the inside of the escalator. Do not lean against the sides of the escalator or on the handrails.

2. Before entering the elevator, determine the direction of the elevator to avoid retreat.

3. Do not stop at the exit to avoid congestion, falling and falling.

4. When taking the escalator or elevator, don't lower your head and play with your mobile phone to avoid falling.

5. When wearing long skirts or carrying items up the escalator, please pay attention to skirts and items to avoid being found.

6. When stepping on the front and back steps, don't fall on the front and back steps because of the difference in the height of the escalator.

The above is the relevant information brought to you by Enshi passenger elevator manufacturer. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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