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What is the non machine room elevator introduced by Ensman elevator manufacturer?

2021-11-01 08:17:46

Non machine room elevator refers to the elevator that does not need the building to provide a closed special machine room for the installation of elevator drive host, control cabinet, speed governor and other equipment. Inorganic room elevator is not a simple partial improvement of the traditional elevator in the past, but a major change in elevator technology. This is because some key technologies adopted by it will be popularized and applied to other elevator products, so as to drive the technological progress of the whole elevator industry.

Inorganic room elevator

In recent years, the development of the elevator industry has changed from the past elevator with machine room to elevator without machine room. The inorganic room elevator adopts frequency conversion speed regulation microcomputer control, which is very different from the previous vertical elevator in structure. In order to save space, the control cabinet, main engine, speed governor and other equipment installed in the machine room above the hoistway are installed in the hoistway instead, and the special machine room setting is cancelled, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of building area and reduce the construction cost. The miniaturized toothless host and 2:1 traction system are used to realize transportation, which eliminates the noise in the machine room caused by traditional gear meshing; The thin control cabinet is installed in the hoistway near the first floor. While effectively waterproof, it can quickly and conveniently carry out installation and commissioning, data reading and writing, daily maintenance, passenger rescue and other work through the maintenance outside the hall, and greatly save the hoistway space with its minimum thickness of 130 mm. The thin permanent magnet synchronous door crane with current speed double closed-loop control can realize the efficient and smooth opening and closing speed curve, reduce the opening and closing time and improve the traffic flow; Preset multiple intelligent operation curves for selection to meet the needs of different occasions. The high integration module technology integrating microcomputer control system and inverter system is adopted to comprehensively improve the response speed and reliability of the system. The lift car suspension mode is changed, the running comfort of the elevator without machine room is greatly improved, and the intensity of installation and maintenance of the elevator without machine room is reduced. At the same time, the material is saved and the height of the top layer is reduced.

Because the inorganic room elevator does not have a machine room, its control system has higher flexibility, convenience and reliability than ordinary elevators.

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