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Ensman Elevator Co., Ltd., located in the Yangtze River economic delta, is a modern professional elevator manufacturing enterprise focusing on global elevator R & D and manufacturing. Relying on the strong R & D and manufacturing strength of Austrian Ensman technology, Ensman elevator pursues exquisite quality peak with unremitting technological innovation, and injects new vitality into human construction of vertical transportation. As an important part of Ensman technology in the global market, adhering to Germany's high-quality elevator technology, with the development mode of continuously introducing science and technology and independent innovation, we promote the humanized product design concept, realize the product serialization structure and meet the multi-directional needs of the global market.

Elevator installation in old community

Ensman Elevator Condenses The Eyes Of The World With Quality

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4 reasons to choose usBetter products, higher quality, better service

Elevator installation in old community

15 years of production experience, listed company partner15 years of production experience, listed company partners

Headquartered in Austria, Mercedes Benz engine supplier

Ensman technology's wholly-owned company has become the core brand of Ensman technology's global elevator strategy

Truly achieve "no generation difference" with the technical concept of passenger elevator

Strong production capacity, the introduction of high-techProduction capacity, the introduction of high-tech
In order to fully optimize the service efficiency of the business passenger elevator, Ensman adopts the full computer intelligent control system to realize the intelligent management of multi microcomputer, modular and networked control, so as to feed back the operation of the elevator in real time and provide the most efficient golden collar service for passengers.

Elevator installation in old community

Elevator installation in old community

Strong team strength to ensure professional qualityStrong team strength, to protect professional quality

In the era of low-carbon and environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction is not only an eternal theme, but also a kind of social responsibility. Take the concept of environmental protection as the company's persistent pursuit. We are committed to providing low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection products for the society through various solutions.

High-quality service, quality comes from professionalQuality service, quality comes from the professional

The company has a complete after-sales service and warranty system. After the completion of project installation, the company will quickly establish customer files, pay a return visit once a quarter, and make detailed records of customer feedback. Answer the questions raised by customers in time and deal with the quality problems in time.

The warranty period of the project is one year. During the warranty period, if there are quality problems in the production and installation of products, our company will provide customers with free maintenance and replacement services

Elevator installation in old community

It is the pursuit of Ensman household micro elevator to bring good passenger elevator service experience to customers

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