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What are the characteristics of sightseeing elevator introduced by Ensman elevator manufacturer?

2021-11-01 08:17:46

Features of sightseeing elevator:

1. The FRP structure of sightseeing elevator not only shows compact space and overall aesthetic feeling; It can also be designed according to different civil engineering, generally circular, semi-circular and square.

2. Integrated with the building and its surrounding environment, it not only becomes a part of the building, but also adds a beautiful and moving landscape.

3. The sightseeing elevator is smooth and comfortable. The scenery outside the elevator brings passengers a kind of enjoyment and novelty from all angles.

sightseeing lift

4. Sightseeing elevator the sightseeing area is spacious and bright with unique shape, which brings different scenery to the building, expands the visual space of the elevator and extends the narrow elevator space.

5. The sightseeing elevator realizes reliable humanized functions such as non-stop, self drop in case of power failure and emergency self rescue. At the same time, the sightseeing elevator occupies a small space and does not hinder the space utilization of the building. In addition, the sightseeing elevator also has intelligent configuration and more humanized care, such as the integrated self-help release design and wheelchair barrier free design, which makes our life safer and smarter.

During the operation of the sightseeing elevator, if there is a sudden power failure or power failure, the elevator will automatically stop running without any accident. Dangerous goods insurance is because the elevator itself has electromechanical safety devices. Once there is a power failure, the elevator brake will automatically brake and damage the elevator. In addition, if the power supply department has a power outage plan, it will notify the elevator or parking in advance. After the elevator is powered off, there is a safety gear at the bottom of the car to clamp the guide rail and fix the car on the guide rail without sliding to one side. Some elevator control cabinets have emergency power supply. When there is a sudden power failure, there is emergency power supply. With sufficient power, the carriage can be sent to the floor, and the door can be opened to let passengers leave safely.

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