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Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator

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The passenger elevator is designed to carry passengers. Perfect safety facilities and certain interior decoration are required.

Small machine room passenger elevator

In order to save the building space, expand the utilization rate of the building space, make the operation more sensitive and reliable, and make the building more beautiful and generous, the passenger elevator of Ensman small machine room adopts compact and dense permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and specially designed control cabinet, so that the area of the machine room is completely consistent with the area of the hoistway.

Convenient installation to improve efficiency

Ensman small machine room passenger elevator technology helps you improve project efficiency and speed up construction. The use of Ensman small machine room passenger elevator can ensure the smooth operation of the construction project and will not have any impact on the project progress due to the installation of the elevator. At the same time, when it needs to be updated and built, the host of Ensman small machine room passenger elevator can be easily moved out of the machine room for convenient replacement, while the traditional host is fixed in the machine room.

Greatly save space

The compact permanent magnet synchronous gearless host can leave more space for the machine room. When the hoisting equipment is installed from the top of the building, the crane facilities required for this portable host are much smaller than the traditional machine room equipment. It can even be lifted directly from the shaft.

Passenger Elevator

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