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Ensman elevator introduces you to the control system of household elevator!

2021-11-25 08:19:01

The domestic elevator operates according to the external voice call data signal and its own control cycle, and the call is random. Elevator car is actually a control software of human-computer interaction technology, and high-rise buildings are often upgraded. Simply using sequence control or thinking logic control can not consider the control requirements. Therefore, the elevator car control system software selects any thinking logic mode for control.

Domestic elevator

At present, the control of household elevator generally adopts two methods. First, the microcomputer is selected as the data signal control module to collect the elevator car data signal, set the operation state and efficiency, maintain the automatic production management and centralized selection operation effect of the elevator car, and carry out the drag control through the soft starter.

Computer control and data centralized control are adopted instead of PLC. In terms of control mode and characteristics, the two modes are not very different. Due to the small scale of manufacturing enterprises in China, most manufacturers choose this mode.

The loan interest rate for the design, production and processing of microcomputer controlled mechanical equipment is high. PLC has the characteristics of efficient, convenient, fast and flexible timing scheme design, strong anti-interference ability and stable operation. Therefore, the software of the household elevator control system is completed by the programmable controller.

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