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Sundry Goods Elevator

Sundry Goods Elevator

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  • Release time:2021-12-15 22:03:26
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Economic transportation highlights the pulse of the times

Ensman sundry elevator provides fast, convenient and economical vertical transportation for small freight elevators in various buildings, which greatly saves time and human resources. It is widely used for transporting articles such as restaurants, restaurants and daily necessities.

Car design of sundry elevator

The car design of Ensman sundry elevator is modern, atmospheric and full of rational beauty and perceptual taste. A variety of lift car materials are available for customers to choose freely, which largely meets the diversified and personalized choice of architectural style and architectural grade.

Deduce the safety and stability of silent and cautious walking

It adopts advanced industrial computer board control and industrial design with novel structure, which has the characteristics of safety and reliability, stable operation and convenient operation. The car and hall door are made of hairline stainless steel plate, which is luxurious and beautiful. According to the needs of customers, single partition or multi partition separation can be adopted in the car to make full use of space and improve efficiency.

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